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we have committed to conducting sustainable business operations that create value for customers, our communities, and the earth.

Scrap Metal Traders are a conscientious team of professionals trying to improve the world by doing their job. One of the common metals that we collect and recycle is brass.

Brass is commonly found in household items such as knobs, hose couplings, sockets, and jewellery. If you work in the Air conditioning industry or are a part of plumbing, car repair or similar projects, chances are that you will find brass around you in different shapes and forms.

It is a highly recyclable metal. An alloy of copper and zinc, brass has a rich history of use worldwide and in many cultures.

Brass looks very similar to bronze and might also be considered a substitute for metal. These metals, however, are different and depict different properties that can be advantageous depending on their use. For instance, bronze is more resistant to corrosion, but brass is a great metal because it can be used for different purposes.

At Scrap Metal Traders, we deal with residential and commercial collectors of scrap brass. If you are a collector, you can call us to discuss how to dispose of this scrap. As a leading professional in the scrap metal industry, we follow proper processes that allow us to get most of the metal back into practical use.

We receive calls from customers like you and ask them about their scrap brass volume so that we can determine if the customer qualifies for a free pick-up of the scrap. Once we have sorted out the details and the scrap is with us, we weigh the metal and sort it out.

After sorting, the scrap is assembled onto trucks that transport it to salvage yards from where it gets transported to the companies that deal with melting the metal and putting it into use. We make our customers’ lives easier by offering pick up and sorting so that all they have to do to make some extra money is collect the items they want to sell lying around the home.

You can get satisfaction from the fact that the brass item that you were not using is not being wasted. After we deliver it to the processors, it is reutilized and made into something that can be used for an extended period. So when you sell your items to us, you get value and benefit the environment.

At Scrap Metal Traders, we ensure that all our collection processes are followed with proper quality control and complete consideration of all safety protocols.  

The Scrap Metal Traders team is particularly careful regarding safety precautions. The team dealing with the metal during collection is protected through safety gear. They are constantly trained to prevent accidents and ensure safety at work.

However, it is not only our people whom we safeguard. We also have a duty to our customers, so when you call us to say that you have a collection of brass to dispose of, our customer representatives are ready with advice. They will suggest how to protect you against any harm that the scrap metals can cause. You should know that metals are hard and have sharp edges that can cause nasty cuts and bruises.

For our readers, we would like to advise them also to make sure to wear thick clothes like jeans, and that they should wear heavy rubber gloves when coming in contact with scrap metal.

While safety precautions are important, you should also ensure that you don’t leave the scrap brass lying around your home or commercial property for too long. It can get oxidized, lose its color, and become weaker by not being in use.

Our suggestion? Try to sell it off or dispose of it as quickly as possible. If you are selling, the sooner you sell your brass, the better it is for you and the environment. Moreover, oxidized brass might not yield a value as great as brass in good condition.

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