we have committed to conducting sustainable business operations that create value for customers, our communities, and the earth.

Sydney Metal Traders is Canterbury’s leading scrap metal recycling company. Copper and brass, steel and stainless steel, aluminum cans, vehicle batteries, white goods, and other metals are purchased and recycled by Sydney Metal Traders.

At Sydney Metal Traders, we will pay you top dollar and give you the most friendly and efficient service, whether you are a tradesperson, a metal manufacturer, or just collect scrap metals to supplement your income. Our service sets us apart from the competitors.


In Canterbury, with such a high competition, we, at Sydney Metal Traders, proudly inform our customers that we’re here to give them the best rates possible in the market, be it any scrap or a skip bin hire service.

We ensure to provide our customers with the rates they would love to hear. Sydney Metal Traders will buy your scrap metal, whether it’s unwanted copper, steel, bronze, or brass. So don’t let your junk become a burden on your pocket. Let us buy it from you so that you can enjoy the more essential things in life.

Services offered:

At Sydney Metal Traders, we offer various services ranging from metal purchasing to factory cleanouts. We offer cash for cars that let you earn a lot from that dirty, old, and rusting car in your backyard. We don’t take into account what model or year it is. If its metal, we take it!

Why we’re the best in town:

When working with Sydney Metal Traders, you will feel at peace. We are always ready to accommodate the needs of our customers and make it simple for you by removing scrap metal from your property and making sure to be careful about the other items in your home.

Sydney Metal Traders offers you recyclable metal collection containers. Our free bin-hire service may make scrap metal management a breeze on industrial sites, production sites, etc. Our bins are available in several sizes, ranging from tiny to extra-large, to meet various requirements. So if you’re a trader or a business organisation, you’ll save money on hiring, tip fees, time, and resources while also benefiting from your trash.

There’s every reason out there to choose us!


Metal Recycling Services in Sydney