Scrap Car Removal Sydney Wide

At Sydney Metal Traders, we purchase junk automobiles and tiny bits of scrap metal and appliances.

We’ll purchase whole autos or metal parts from you, and you should be confident that everything you sell will be for a good value. Radiators constructed of any metal, including copper, brass, aluminium, or any mix, are likewise acceptable.

You can also sell us your catalytic converters, which can be extremely valuable. Engines, transmissions, and other automobile parts will also be accepted and recycled. We will load all of your auto components onto our certified weighbridge and provide you with a free quotation.

Our cash-for-car service offers removal of the vehicle from your premises. By handing over your car to us, not only will you benefit from the scrapped car, but the environment will thank you for making this decision.

By dealing with us you will not have to worry about the car model, neither will you have to care about the year of manufacture. You will have a hassle-free experience not having to deal with a mediator. It’s just you and us!

Auto Shells and Batteries

At Sydney Metal Traders, we not only take small pieces of scrap metal and appliances, but we also buy scrap cars. We’ll buy full cars or any metal pieces thereof. No matter what you sell, you can be sure that you’re getting a great price. You can call us for a quote, schedule a pick-up service or stop by our location to learn more.

Radiators & Converters

We also accept radiators made out of any kind of metal, including copper, brass, aluminium or any combination of those. You can also sell us your catalytic converters, which can be quite valuable due to the precious metals they are made with. Call our fantastic team to have your questions answered about selling your car parts.

Engines and Other Parts

Other car parts that we will accept and recycle include engines, gearboxes and more. We’ll put all of these car parts onto our certified weighbridge, give you a free quote and then pay you the same day. When you work with our business, you are treated like family — the way customers should be treated.
Want to Scrap an Old Car?

We Have a Certified Onsite Weighbridge