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Metal recycling may save you time and money. You may save a lot of time, avoid the inconveniences of cleaning the property yourself, and save tip costs by employing our skilled scrap metal service to collect recyclable metal junk from your premises. Furthermore, you will be compensated for the scrap metal that we remove. If you need assistance with a large cleanup project in Chesterwill, the specialists at Sydney Metal Traders are always willing to assist.

Please contact us if you are unclear if your scrap metal is recyclable. One of our representatives will be on call to discuss the feasibility of recycling the particular metal with you.


In all of Chesterwill, we boast competitive prices for all grades and metals in the entire market. We evaluate your metal and inform you of the best price based on its grade, quantity, and other factors. We also proudly provide the cheapest skip bin for hire service in town.

The factory cleanout services are provided on the same principle of competitive pricing. Therefore, our prices and rates will make you happy, and we are satisfied!

Services offered:

We serve scrap generators and metals consumers by developing and managing custom-designed solutions for scrap management and disposal.

A specialized team works to provide a solution tailored to each client’s specific needs. Our services may include design and engineering, finance, on-site equipment investment, facility operation, metals marketing, logistics, transportation, administrative support, and initial consultancy.

Why choose us:

Sydney Metal Traders will make you feel good about doing business with them. We simplify things by removing your scrap metal without causing any property damage. Sydney Metal Traders also offer you recyclable metal collection containers.

Our free bin-hire service can make scrap metal management a breeze on industrial sites, construction sites, and farmland. Our bins are available in several sizes, ranging from big to extra-large, to meet a variety of purposes.

If you’re a trader or a commercial businessperson, you’ll save a lot of money on staffing costs, tip fees, time, and resources while also profiting from your scrap.


Metal Recycling Services in Sydney