Copper Scrap Recycling Sydney Wide

Copper is one of the most recycled metals on the planet.

It is believed that the bulk of humanity’s 700 billion pounds of copper mined from the soil throughout the centuries is still in use today. Recycling allows the copper to be put back into use, where the metal doesn’t lose its property when it changes shape or form.

At Sydney Metal Traders, we collect old copper items or things that contain copper by purchasing them from individual home sellers or companies with scrap to sell. We play a vital role in recycling metals by collecting the items containing the scrap metal from your homes and companies. We make the process easier by offering people free pick-up ( if they have the volume ) and giving them the monetary value of their items based on the current market price.

By expediting the process and facilitating the collection, we make it easier for households and companies to participate in the drive towards sustainable practices.

The Scrap Metal Traders team visually assesses and grades the metal into several categories. Bare bright copper wire, the purest and most precious copper, can be melted down and recast without requiring much further work, which is why they get a higher price for customers.

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Local Copper Buyer

At Sydney Metal Traders, we are proud to be your local copper buyers. We accept multiple kinds of copper, including things you may have thought were worth little.

Copper We Buy

We will accept shiny copper wire, pipe, tubing, PVC and insulated wire. Because we know copper can be found in unlikely places, we also take parts such as electric motors, compressor motors, radiators made of copper or other metals and items.

Our Process

After you get your quote and then schedule either a drop-off or a pick-up, we take care of the rest. We have a certified weighbridge onsite to take care of anything you bring in, and we provide bin services otherwise. We sort, process, weigh and recycle all the metal.
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