we have committed to conducting sustainable business operations that create value for customers, our communities, and the earth.

Sydney Metal Traders is a scrap metal recycler in Liverpool that is quick, dependable, and local. We provide a green solution for getting rid of all of your scrap metal.

No matter if you have ferrous, nonferrous, precious, or unusual metals, as scrap metal merchants, we will pay you top market values per kilogram for your scrap metal. We have an on-site weighbridge which is conveniently accessible from the rest of the surrounding areas.

How can we serve you in Liverpool?

There is no work too big or little for us, whether it be industrial or commercial scrap metal recycling. Local, state, and federal governments, as well as nonprofits, use our services to recycle because we give destruction certifications, and manufacturers may feel confident that their items will not be resold in the market. Suppliers from the public and commercial sectors are also invited. So stop by now to learn more about what services we can cater to you


Our whole approach is based on providing the best possible service to you, our clients. We pay more for your metal, don’t waste your time, and value customer service. As a result, we provide the best scrap rates in and around all of Sydney!

Services Offered:

We provide efficient and accurate evaluation for your scrap on our certified weighbridge and fast and convenient transport for easy and simple removal of your scrap metal. For trade/commercial volumes, pickup service is available. You are providing machines/assets with a Certificate of Destruction and metal analysis. The most competitive prices for all grades and metals in the market!

Why choose us:

  • We provide the fastest, most reliable, and most friendly services as our business model allow us to provide top-of-the-table customer service.
  • We have always provided the best rates for all the scrap metal you’ve got in Sydney!
  • We provide our customers with a variety of payment options in town!
  • We also provide the collection of ferrous, nonferrous metals and thorough factory cleanouts wherever you wish.
  • We offer specialized transport that’s made for the job and always have the experts at hand, ready to tackle any situation for you.


Metal Recycling Services in Sydney