we have committed to conducting sustainable business operations that create value for customers, our communities, and the earth.

Make some money with us!

Metal recycling has the potential to save as well as make money. Recyclable metal removal from your premises by a scrap metal trader saves you time and work.

Sydney Metal Traders can come and collect all of your recyclable metal if you have a significant cleanup job in Punchbowl, saving you time and money. We will also pay you for your scrap metal, so don’t let it rust; instead, sell it to us.

We established ourselves as dependable, experienced scrap metal experts with ambitions to develop and provide services.

Our goal has been to recycle ferrous and nonferrous scrap metal in collaboration with the local community and industry. Our customers are the most important partners we have. We create solutions that meet and surpass our client’s expectations while anticipating their future needs and giving excellent value. We cultivate deep relationships by being personal, adaptive, proactive, and accountable.

Safety Guaranteed

We pledge to provide a secure working environment for all employees. All injuries are preventable. Our goal is to avoid any events, including no accidents, missed workdays, or injuries. In addition to the care that we show our workers, we also guide customers about best safety practices and

Services offered:

We provide collection services. Simply share your location with us so we can come and get the scrap metal from your home. Unfortunately, not all customers can qualify for pick services at this point, but a call should make things clear for you. We also provide a Skip bin service, where we remove pollutants and rubbish from your property for a set amount of time.

We have a certified weighbridge on-site and can provide you with metals prices and inspections. In addition, we provide efficient and accurate scrap metal evaluation using our weighbridge. We also arrange for comfortable transportation for scrap metals.

At the end of the process, we provide a Certificate of Destruction for machines/assets included in the recycling process.

We also provide PunchBowl’s best industrial cleanup service. If you have a large volume, our pickup service is available. Sydney Metal Traders offers various services, from metal purchases to industrial cleanouts. We offer cash for cars and can help you profit handsomely from that filthy, damaged, and rusted vehicle in your garage. We don’t take the vehicle’s model or year into account. But, if it’s made of metal, we’ll take it!



After your scrap has been precisely weighed, payment is ascertained based on the weight of the recyclable metal. There is a minimum quantities for both free pickup and bin rentals. You can also bring your scrap metal to our yard and receive immediate payment. Please get in touch with us to discuss what you require.

Our whole strategy revolves around giving the most satisfactory service to you, our clients. We pay more for your metal, and our process takes a fraction of the time that scrapyards would take. And, to top it all, you can be certain that your scrap metal will make its way back into the circular economy and not add to landfills.

We provide affordable scrap pricing in Punchbowl! Payment is guaranteed after your scrap has been accurately weighed and is based on the weight of recyclable metal.

Why choose us:

Our business approach allows us to deliver top-of-the-line customer service, providing the fastest, most dependable, and friendly services possible. We have given customers the most acceptable prices for any scrap metal in Punchbowl! We’re a big company but a small business at heart, which is demonstrated in our passion for providing individualised service. We provide the most diverse payment alternatives in town to our clients!

We also offer a ferrous and nonferrous metal collection and full production plant cleanouts wherever you need them. In addition, specialised transportation is available for some projects, and we always have professionals on-site, ready to help you with any circumstance.

Honesty, integrity, and excellent customer service are cornerstones of Sydney Metal Traders’ business model. We work hard to ensure that our customers are happy with our services. Our business model enables us to give top-notch customer service, providing the most efficient, dependable, and courteous services possible.

In addition, we provide the best scrap prices in PunchBowl. While performing our jobs, we keep in mind the service we must provide to Punchbowl and ensure that no stone is left unturned. You can be sure that we provided you with the best rates in Sydney for your scrap metal!

We’re a big business with the heart and humility of a small business and love to provide personalised service. So we provide our customers with different payment options in town!


Metal Recycling Services in Sydney