we have committed to conducting sustainable business operations that create value for customers, our communities, and the earth.

Metal recycling will save you money and is also a source of income. In addition to this, recycling is great for the environment because it saves energy in mining for new metal and prevents further degradation of the earth.

At Sydney Metal Traders in Revesby, we have a passion for saving the environment and serving the customers well. This zest has led us to work towards building our company because it is great for people and great for the earth.


We strive to give the greatest possible service to our customers. We make sure to make a fair deal and give a good competitive rate to our customers for their items.

When it comes to trading in metal or cleaning up, we’re the best in the business! We offer the best rates in metal trades in all of Revesby.

Pick up Services

We make sure to convenience our customers by offering pickup services in Revesby. Although this service might not be offered to all customers, we would like you to know that it is always better to call and confirm with us if you are eligible for the service.  

Our scrap metal pickup service is being offered so that you can save time and effort. For example, if you have a large cleanup project in Revesby, Sydney Metal Traders can come and collect all of your recyclable metal.

Other services

Apart from scrap metal pickup services, we also provide the Skip bin service, where we remove the pollutants and rubbish from your premises on a scheduled time.

Weighing the scrap is vital to making a fair deal. We also have a certified weighbridge on-site and provide quotations and evaluations of your metals. We also boast the best factory cleanout service in all of Revesby.

The team

We’ve got the best team in town that is always ready to help you with your issues either over the phone or in person. Our friendly staff has always prioritized top-of-the-line customer service where you’re treated like family.


We pay a fair price for your metal, waste less time, and place a premium on customer service. We provide the most competitive scrap rates in and around Sydney!


Metal Recycling Services in Sydney