Stainless Steel Scrap Recycling Sydney Wide

Stainless steel has become a good resource to be used. This is because it is more environmentally friendly as compared to other metals.  

Stainless steel has an extended service life, 100% recyclability, and valued raw resources. Stainless steel items recycled at Sydney Metal Traders are segregated in an organized manner and recovered for reuse in the production process.  

Sydney Metal Traders possess the cutting-edge technology and specialized knowledge required for separating and prepping each alloy for re-melting. The material is fed through a big shredder to be broken down into little pieces by a recycling processor. After that, we chemically examine, classify and blend scrap into nickel alloys, chrome steels, and other forms of stainless steel.

Sell Stainless Steel Scrap

Because we value our customers, all of our stainless steel scrap is priced fairly and according to the current standards for scrap metal pricing. Furthermore, we are committed to offering top dollar for the metal we buy because we know customers want to earn as much as possible for their scrap.

What We Accept

Stainless steel can be found in many different places and parts, so we accept stainless steel scrap in a variety of forms. We’ll take stainless steel sinks, pipes, rods and sheets, as well as many other things that are made of stainless steel, such as swarf. Call us to find out if we can take what you have.
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