Steel Scrap Recycling Sydney Wide

Sydney Metal Traders deal in the widest range of steel, ranging from the world’s highest skyscrapers to everyday household items.

There are three types of steel Sydney Metal Traders deal in:

We collect scrap metal and sort it out to be sent further to scrap yards. With the busy lives that customers lead, we know they are looking for convenience, and we deliver convenience for our customers who can call us to get rid of all the junk and used items.

When you send your steel scrap to us, we will ensure that you get great value for it. It will be good for you and for the environment.

All types of Scrap Metal

At Sydney Metal Traders, we happily accept all kinds of steel scrap, including cast iron. We also take profile-cut scrap metal, sheets — including corrugated sheets — and all steel off-cuts, no matter the size. If you have steel or cast-iron goods lying around your property, bring them to us.

Variety of Products

We know that steel is present in many different items, so we make an effort to accept many different products. We can take hot water systems, box tubing, RHS and construction beams and columns. If you’re remodelling or demolishing a building, we’ll buy the old steel you no longer need.

Heavy Machinery

We also accept car bodies, white goods, forklifts, old trucks and other heavy machinery. Plus, we know that it can be difficult to transport heavy machinery and vehicles, so we offer pick-up services as well. Don’t let a valuable vehicle sit on your property; you could be paid to have it removed.
Do you have Heavy Items to Recycle?

Quality, Friendly Service