we have committed to conducting sustainable business operations that create value for customers, our communities, and the earth.

Whether you’re remodeling your house, spring cleaning, or transferring to a new home or job, Sydney Metal Traders can handle various metal types and sizes that are scrapped or wasted.

With our skilled, trustworthy, and knowledgeable scrap removal services, we can care for your scrap metal Yagoona needs and the surrounding regions. We provide a comprehensive range of scrap collection services and cost-effective solutions for waste removal, junk disposal, and scrap metal management wherever and whenever you need us.

We are here for most kinds of metal scraps

Sydney Metal Traders will acquire any unwanted scrap metal from you. We also collect commercial scrap metal for restaurants, schools, colleges, office buildings, retail malls, food markets, body shops, community centers, manufacturing facilities, government offices, other food agencies, and private residences and flats. Rather than storing your scrap outside your home or in your garage until the next cleanup, have our professional removal service remove it immediately.

Our dedicated crew of professional scrap metal movers employs the latest cutting-edge equipment, so you can be confident that everything will be collected and disposed of quickly and efficiently. Unlike some waste collecting companies, we follow industry best practices, conventions, and protocols.

Our Devoted Team:

The knowledgeable team at Sydney Metal Traders Yagoona is always ready to assist you. Call us to ensure that your scrap metal is recyclable so that we can send our team to you and get things sorted. As professionals in recyclable metal, we should be able to provide you with information over the phone. Our clients appreciate us because we are trustworthy and always on time. In addition, our employees are committed to providing the highest level of safety and service possible.


In such a competitive industry, we at Sydney Metal Traders Yagoona are happy to inform our customers with the news that we will always provide them with the best pricing possible, whether it’s for scrap or a garbage bin hire service.

We provide the most affordable scrap pricing in Yagoona. In addition, we offer cost-effective scrap metal recycling services and factory cleanout services.

We provide our customers with the pricing they find fair and a value that is feasible for us.

Get value from waste

Allowing your scrap metal in Yagoona to become a financial burden is not good. We will purchase it from you so that you may concentrate on more essential matters. Our whole strategy is around giving the most satisfactory possible service to you, our clients. We pay more for your metal, spend less of your time, and place value on customer service.

Services provided:

A dedicated staff works to design a solution to each client’s requirements.

In addition to the initial consultation, our services may encompass design and engineering, finance, on-site equipment investment, facility management, metals marketing, logistics, transportation, and administrative support. We also proudly provide a Skip bin service, in which we remove pollution and trash from your property by a specified schedule.

On-site, we have a certified weighbridge and can offer you quotes and assessments for your metals. In addition, we provide the best industrial cleanout service in Yagoona.

Why choose Sydney Metal Traders in Yagoona:

We make it easy for you by removing your scrap metal without causing any harm to your property. Sydney Metal Traders may also be able to provide you with recyclable metal collecting containers.

Our free bin-hire service may make scrap metal management a breeze on industrial sites, production sites, and other locations. We are always kind and helpful. Sydney Metal Traders can also provide you with metal collecting containers that are recyclable. Again, on construction sites, industrial areas, and the countryside.

The Final word

As a great scrap metal company in Yagoona, we provide the most acceptable prices on any metal to our consumers. Our friendly staff has always put top-notch customer service first, treating you like family. We always ensure that our customers leave happy from us. Simply put, we’re the finest in the industry!


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