we have committed to conducting sustainable business operations that create value for customers, our communities, and the earth.

Sydney Metal Traders are one of the city’s only independent merchants. The company has grown and changed over time, expanding its knowledge and expertise in the scrap metal sector.

Our founder recognized a strong need for a dependable scrap metal merchant in and around Sydney. We took advantage of this opportunity to establish ourselves as dependable, experienced scrap metal experts with a wide network through which we develop and provide services.

Sydney Metal Traders is a trustworthy and reliable local scrap metal recycler whom you can trust. We offer an environmentally friendly way to dispose of all of your scrap metal. We collect ferrous, nonferrous, precious, and rare metals.

Expert Staff that is Always Available

We respect your time and never keep you waiting. Our staff is dedicated to providing the highest level of safety and service; because of this, our expert staff is always willing to assist. Be it in person or over the phone, our scrap metal specialists in Bankstown will be ready with quick advice and expert opinions about any queries you might have regarding scrap metal.

Safety First!

We will remove your scrap metal with extreme caution and attention and will not leave even a small piece of scrap metal unturned. Don’t just let your metal rust away; let us pay you for it!

Contact us if you have any questions about whether or not your scrap metal is recyclable.

Transport problems? No problem!

Rapid turnaround times, affordable prices, creative processes, and procedures, and our deep, generational experience in the scrap metal sector, help us solve our clients’ logistical problems.

We operate with the same kind of transparency and friendliness that you’d expect from a business, and we always follow through on our promises.

Our mission

Our mission has been to collect ferrous and nonferrous scrap metal in collaboration with the local community and industry.

No work is too big or too little for us, whether industrial or commercial scrap metal recycling. Since we give destruction certifications, producers may rest certain that their items will not be resold. Our recycling services are used by local, state, and federal governments and organizations. Both public and private sector suppliers are invited to attend. So come in right now to learn more about the services we have to offer.

How do I get paid? 

Our whole strategy revolves around giving our customers the most outstanding possible service, which means we waste less of your time, provide premium customer service and offer the most competitive scrap rates in and around Sydney!

Payment is based on the weight of recyclable metal and is guaranteed after your scrap has been appropriately weighed. Minimum quantities apply to free pickup and bin rentals. You may also bring your scrap metal to our yard and receive immediate payment.


Please get in touch with us to discuss your exact requirements.

Services offered

We have a team of experts at Sydney Metal Traders who are always ready to help. So pick up the phone and find out how we can help you. Whether you are unsure if the metal you have can be recycled or not or the price of the metal you will be getting, get in touch with us.

As professionals in recyclable metal, we provide you with information over the phone.

We are trustworthy and reliable. You can count on the team to always arrive on time, and it is for this reason that our clients appreciate us. Our employees are committed to providing the most outstanding level of safety and service possible. We provide

  • Efficient and accurate scrap metal evaluation on our certified weighbridge
  • Rapid and comfortable transport for quick and easy scrap metal removal. A pickup service is provided for trade/commercial quantities.
  • Certificate of Destruction as well as metal analysis for machinery and assets.

Why we’re the best for the job:

The fundamentals of our company concept at Sydney Metal Traders are honesty, integrity, and exceptional customer service. We make sure that our consumers are satisfied with their experience with us.

We also provide the most competitive scrap rates in Bankstown, if not all of Sydney. We keep in mind the service we must give Sydney and ensure that no metal is left unturned while performing our duties.

We have always valued excellent customer service and have never let our beloved customers down.

Get in touch with us!

We like solving every one of our clients’ problems with meticulous attention to detail to assure complete customer satisfaction. So whether you’ve got a rusty old car in your backyard, or a garage full of scrap metal, don’t let it go to waste. Let us pay you for it!


Metal Recycling Services in Sydney